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    The Boroworks Shop, Company - Сompany in Pai, Thailand - Allbiz
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    The Boroworks Shop, Company - Сompany in Pai, Thailand - Allbiz
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    The Boroworks Shop, Company, Pai

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    The Boroworks Shop, Company, Pai
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    Сompany address: Pai, Thailand
    Po Box 25
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    About enterprise The Boroworks Shop, Company

    The type of work done in The Boroworks Shop is called lampwork. This is an ancient term used to describe the use of a flame to melt and form glass for utilitarian and ornamental purposes and is not glass blowing. A special high temperature oxygen/propane torch is used to reach temperatures over 3000 degrees F to melt the boro glass rods used to make the artwork. The pendants are made from clear and colored glass rods manipulated by intense heat and technique to achieve the uniquely colorful special effects of the finished piece. Sometimes dichroic(anotherspecialized glass) and precious metals are also used to achieve additional dynamic effects. All pieces of art are kiln/oven annealed to remove most of the stress that occurs within the glass as it is worked in the flame. This involves maintaining the heat of the piece after is has been worked to a high enough level to allow the small stress fractures to come together and then heating the piece to the annealing temperature and letting it cool slowly in stages. The resulting pendant is very strong and usually will not break when dropped. It is glass, however, and therefore not unbreakable.
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